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EtherNet/IP Stack - GOAL

EtherNet/IP is an industrial Ethernet protocol that implements the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) over Ethernet in combination with the standard protocols IP, TCP and UDP.

This protocol is maintained by the ODVA. The ODVA also manages other implementations such as the CIP protocol, DeviceNet (CIP via CAN) and much more.
A scanner is the master in an EtherNet/IP network. Usually it is the originator of a request.
The adapter is an EtherNet/IP slave. Responses to requests from a scanner are created.

The EtherNet/IP protocol based on the OpENer has been extensively revised by port GmbH and adapted to the technology platform GOAL.
The EtherNet/IP stack is thus a further component of port's "industrial communication framework" strategy, which is comprehensively supported by additional engineering tools.




The EtherNet/IP stack, based on the technology platform GOAL, has the following properties: (a detailed description can be found in the User Manual)

  • Encapsulation Protocol 
  • CIP Object Model 
  • CIP Messages
    • Explicit Messages
    • Implicit Messages 
  • CIP Connections 
    • Transport Class 3 Connections 
    • Transport Class 0 & 1 Connections 
    • Connection Timing
    • Production Triggers
    • Application Connection Types for Implicit Messages
    • Real time formats for Implicit Messages

GOAL EtherNet/IP Layer

The uniform GOAL - EtherNet/IP layer offers a common interface to all adapted EtherNet / IP stacks by using the same API in single-core mode as well as using GOAL's "Core To Core" technology for multible cores.


Knowledge Base

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