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PROFINET Device Monitor

The free of charge  "PROFINET Device Monitor" and the "PROFINET Device Monitor - Command Line Tool" are easy to uses tools to support the developer during the development and testing phase of PROFINET capable devices. 

The tools are optimally adapted to the PROFINET stacks of PORT GmbH, but can also be used in other PROFINET networks.

Profinet Device Monitor V1.07

Profinet Device Monitor - Command Line Tool V1.07



The tools allow to:  

  • scan networks for PROFINET capable devices regardless whether master or slave
  • set information about the scanned devices such as station name, IP address aso.
  • set a new temporary or permanent station name
  • set a new temporary or permanent IP address incl. netmask and gateway
  • read a specific record of a device. The slot and module information can be imported from a GSD file.
  • write a specific record of a device. The slot and module information can be imported from a GSD file.
  • establish a cyclic connection. The slot and module information can be imported from a GSD file
  • editing the cyclic data

PROFINET Configuration Tool allows the application of above functionality within an easy to use GUI. 

PROFINET Command Line Tool provides the same feature but runs completely on the command line and thus can be embedded in automatic tests and continuous delivery solutions e.g. within build servers.


System Environment

Both tools support Windows and Linux and require an installed 64Bit Java VM as well as libpcap or WinPCAP respectively.


Ordering Information

Both tools are free to download from our websites. 

  • 0213/10 PROFINET Config Tool Windows
  • 0213/20 PROFINET Config Tool Linux
  • 0214/10 PROFINET Command Line Tool Windows
  • 0214/20 PROFINET Command Line Tool Linux





Datasheet & Manuals

Download Infos

All rights remain with port, the user is allowed to use a copy free-of-charge. Do not dis-assemble or reverse-engineer the software.

This software is intended to be used in a disconnected laboratory environment (stand-alone network) to address port’s PROFINET Stack during the development process. Please back-up all data before employing the software.

It comes AS-IS, no warranty of any kind - not expressed, not implied. Use at your own risk. The software must not be used in any real-life network nor in any production network.

Support will not be provided, however we appreciate your feedback – sent to

version info OS file
1.0.7 PROFINET Device Monitor (en) Linux and Windows fileadmin/user_upload/Produkte/Design_Tools_neu/PNIOConf_Com/UserManual_PROFINETDeviceMonitor_V1.0.7.pdf
1.0.7 PROFINET Device Monitor - Command Line Tool Linux & Windows fileadmin/user_upload/Produkte/Design_Tools_neu/PNIOConf_Com/UserManual_PROFINETDeviceMonitor_CMD_V1.0.7.pdf

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