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Realization of CC-Link IE communication using universal Ethernet in the field network for small devices and applications

CC-Link IE communication with universal Ethernet technology that can be easily applied to small devices (e.g. sensors) that do not require high-speed control, and that are easy to use and develop.
Cyclic communication in the CC-Link IE field network is implemented using software.


Slave (Remote Station)

Using the GOAL CC-Link IE Field Basic slave stack it is possible to setup a slave occupying 1 to 16 stations. Each station can be interpreted as a physical or virtual participant of the CCLIEFB network. To each of the stations there is a fixed amount of I/O data with fixed size, called Link Devices. I.e. to exchange more I/O data the slave may occupy more stations.

This leads to 72 bytes process data for each direction per slave, leading up to a maximum of 16 · 72 = 1152 bytes per direction for a GOAl CCLIEFB slave.
For a slave containing more than one station the link devices sizes are multiples of the given sizes. E.g. a slave occupying 2 stations has 16 bytes RY data.
The meaning of each bit within the Link Devices is application specific, i.e. the protocol specifies the size of each Link device but the application decides which data points are actually used.

CSP Plus File

The CSP Plus file is the device description needed by a PLC to identify and to communication with a device. A sample is given appl/goal_ccliefb . The device is identified completely by the fields “VendorCode”, “ProductID” and “Version”. The productID is also known as Model Code. These values must be the same as in the configuration of the GOAL CC-Link IE Field Basic slave stack.

Attention: The product ID in the CSP Plus file is a string, and must correspond to the configured product ID as a hexadecimal value.

Where is the CC-Link IE Field Basic Stack located in the CC-LinkIE TSN system?


CC-Link IE Field Basic User Manual -> Download

CC-Link IE Field Basic Reference Manual -> Download



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