Driver for RENESAS RX Series

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Driver for RENESAS RX Series

Renesas RX63 / RX64 32-bit MCU Family

This generation microcontrollers based on a revolutionary RX CPU core and enables a new class of MCUs.

It combines the features of RISC and CISC MCU architecture and added DSP- and floating-point functionality.

This approach meets the requirements of today's embedded applications that require high performance and very low power consumption at the same time, the smallest possible size of code and data, and the lowest cost, and require the need for digital signal processing.  

port supports with its protocol stack, the RX32-bit MCU-based Renesas RX series.

 NEW: Driver for RX64 available - need more Information?RX600 Series Overview of Functional Enhancements


Technical Data (source: RENESAS - no warrenty)

 (1) Superior Architecture

  • RX CPU Core with FPU and DSP; 165 DIMPS at 100MHz
  • Enhanced Harvard architecture and 5-stage pipeline
  • More than six internal busses
  • Multiple Direct Memory Access control
  • Rapid interrupt response

(2) Fast Flash

  • Industry's only90nm 100MHz embedded Flash
  • CPU recieves instructions with no delays
  • Mature and reliable silicon process

(3) Power Efficiency

  • 500µA/MHz, with all periperials active
  • 3µA RTC Deep Standby (RX631/63N)
  • 1mW per DMIPS
  • Extends batery life in portable applications

(4) Code Effiency

  • Up to 28% code size saving compared to popular 32-bit RISC MCU's on the market
  • Variable-length CISC instructions
  • FPU, DSP and bit manipulation instructions


order information (available): 

Driver CANopen: RX63NCANopen

Need more information? click here or call us directly: 0049-345-777550

 Weblink to RENESAS:


order information (on request): 


Need more information? click here or call us directly0049-345-777550

 Weblink to RENESAS:


Demos and downloads for RX63N Starter Kit available. See  "Demos & Downloads"


order information (on request): 

Driver EtherCAT: RX63NEtherCAT

Need more information? click here or call us directly0049-345-777550


Weblink to RENESAS:

Demos & Downloads

Now you can convince yourself of the power of the RX63N and the port PROFINET I/O stack.

Based on the Starter Kit+ RX63N provided by RENESAS, port offers a complete PROFINET I/O Device demo as a ready to use flash image. A complete I/O device is implemented providing 64 byte input and 64 byte output data at 1ms cycle time. The according GSD file to integrate the demo into your PLC programming system is also provided. A detailed description of the device functionality can be found in the howto contained in the demo.

More information about the Starter Kit+ RX63N can be found here: RENESAS

The PROFINET I/O Demo can be downloaded here: PROFINET DEMO RX63N

A step by step guide describing how to install and run the demo is specified in this  PDF file.

The following video describes the configuration of the SIEMENS TIA Portal V11 to integrate the PROFINET Demo for the Starter Kit+ RX63N into a PROFINET network (best viewed in full screen 720p). 

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