Renesas RX63N

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Renesas RX63N and port´s communications technology enable for Industrial Networking (PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, POWERLINK, EtherCAT and CANopen)


Die RX63N/RX631 Group by Renesas

The RX family offers MCUs for the mod-range of performance requirements. The RX family addresses the performance demand in this range. The RX63N, RX631 products family incorparate components for network communication, such as Ethernet Controller and CAN controller. Additionally a RTC (Real-Time Clock), powered by an ownpower supply, enables for power savings of up to 90%. The selection of the on-chip memory reaches from 0Byte (ROMless) up to 2 MB,  This range enables for a sensitive fine-tuning to the specific application.

 The following communication technologies are available for the RX63N/RX631:

With port's technology your applications are prepared for the upcoming challenges of the future "Industry 4.0".

                                                         RX63N, RX631 Group: Schematic Diagram 

RX63N, RX631 Features

CPU Core


Clock Frequency



2.7 bis 3.6V

Floating-point Processing Unit (FPU)

Single-precision floating-point processing unit (supporting: add/subtract/compare/multiply/divide and further instructions)  

Flash ROM (program memory)

Max. 2MB

Flash ROM (data memory)

Max. 32KB


Max. 256KB

On-chip peripheral components



On-chip debugging

with Trace Funktion

Low power consumption Modes

4 Modes


  • Sleep Mode
  • All-module clock stop Mode
  • Software standby Mode
  • Deep software standby Mode