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CAN and Ethernet – similar but different

Author: Christian Bornschein Port GmbH / CiA Newsletter 4/2013

CAN and Ethernet have the need for communication in common. Other characteristics are different, for example the kind of devices the networks are used for. From the very beginning CAN was intended to transfer small packets of control data in hard real time, while Ethernet was created to move large amount of data. For Ethernet, being deterministic or real-time was not part of the plan. Common is also their reation as busses.

CAN is still a bus, Ethernet not anymore. The switch to twisted pair and star topology as well as the use of multiport bridges made Ethernet even more of a "data lorry". At first Ethernet shared .......

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Reliable EtherCAT data transmission thanks to ODU connector technology

Guast article from Dietmar Franke port GmbH

Complex systems demand complex approaches and compre­hensive considerations. A secure, reliable, permanently available connection that can be delivered over the long-term must be planned and implemented between the actuator ele­ment and the sensor system (in this case, the application). Par­ticularly in machine construction (with conditions such as extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, harsh environments and oily surroundings), but also in production (where the sys­tems often run for more than 20 years), system availability and system reliability are compelling economic necessities...
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Open inter-doors — standardized gateways simplify network transitions

Holger Zeltwanger, managing member of the executive board of the CiA, veröffentlichte den Artikel im A&D magazine 5/2005.
Der Artikel ist als PDF-Datei mit der Referenznummer AD055301 erhältlich.

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