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GOAL + Raspberry Pi - PROFINET and EtherNetIP Software Stack Solution

Raspberry PI3 B+

Raspberry PI PROFINET and EtherNetIP - without additional hardware

port's technology platform (middleware) GOAL is now also available for the Raspberry PI.
With the GOAL solution, the Raspberry PI is "ready for" PROFINET and EtherNetIP communication.

  •  PROFINET CC-B - Slave
  •  EtherNetIP-Slave
  •  1 port variant
  •  no MRP or DLR possible

 Compliant with the current certification tests of the PNO and the ODVA

And best of all - no high investment costs - we offer a runtime license linked to the serial number of your Raspberry PI.

Here you will find all information and downloads for testing.

You need a solution with MRP, DLR and 2 ports, then have a look here: https://www.system-on-module.com/product-details/som-iot-raspberry-pi/

The expansion module also offers a "ready to use" solution.

EtherNetIP & Profinet für Raspberry PI License

the product can be purchased from port GmbH as a single user license (Binary) 

For an offer, please send an email to service@port.de

or simply give us a call: +49345777550

our international sales partner network, you will find here

GOAL Protocol Software Demo (EVAL)

The GOAL protocol software is available as a 3h time limited demo release. In this case, the projects of protocol stacks are only available as library projects. These projects are marked by file ending _lib. Building and downloading the demo application is similar to the description above, but additionally, the library libgoal_raspberry_pi.so has to be copied to the Raspberry Pi too. The file is available in the 00_lib directory for each protocol stack.


Hardware and Software

Following hardware and software is required for running GOAL on Raspberry Pi.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ / PI4 or CM4
  • power supply for Raspberry Pi
  • PC with Linux OS and the arm-gcc-linux-eabihf cross compiler (available at APT)
  • GOAL Software package/ release

Quick Start Guide & helpful links

here you can find the Quick Start Guide

Raspberry PI Extension

Do you need more functions such as PROFINET MRP, EtherNetIP DLR, 2 ports for deas ychain structures? Or do you need other fieldbus systems such as EtherCAT?

Then we have a solution for you here too:

Raspberry PI expansion board from port. Please find more informations about the "raspberry PI Shield" here

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