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RX64M and Industrie 4.0 - you are well prepared

RX64M 32-bit microcontrollers are now available on port.

RX64M: PORT and RENESAS offer complete support for all market-leading "industrial Ethernet protocols" like PROFINET, EtherNetIP including the fieldbus CANopen. Helpful engineering tools are also available.



on request

on request

This new model oft he RX family engages the powerfully evolved RXv2 core, which is backward compatible with the RX core employed in current RX products. It allows the realization of high-speed, low consumption systems through it’s RXv2 core. It enables 1.6 times the performance and a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to actual  RX products, and even higher code efficiency. The RX64M  Group has a 552KB work RAM and a large-capacity memory of up to 4 MB. It’s applicable for industrial equipment, network devices, and other applications requiring advanced real-time performance and large-capacity memory.

Built-in functions include the well-received event link controller from the RX200 and abundant functions from the RX63N, as well as SD card and audio interfaces, which are highly demanded by the market. IEEE 1588 industrial Ethernet functions have been combined. The RXv2 CPU can handle four types of data: integer, floating-point, bit, and string. The Renesas microcontroller and microprocessor portfolio offers the most scalable MCU / MPU platforms available and is now available on ports portfolio. With port's technology your applications are prepared for the upcoming challenges of the future "Industry 4.0".

The Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX64M is designed as a user-friendly introductory and evaluation tool for the RX64M microcontroller. Here you can order it.

RX64M Features

CPU Core


Clock Frequency



2.7 bis 3.6V

Floating-point Processing Unit (FPU)

Single-precision floating-point processing unit (supporting: add/subtract/compare/multiply/divide and further instructions)  

Flash ROM (program memory)

Max. 4MB

Flash ROM (data memory)

Max. 64KB


Max. 512KB

On-chip peripheral components

  • External bus: 177/176-pin (32/16/8-bit)
145/144/100-pin (16/8-bit)
  • DMAC: 8 channels
  • DMAC for external bus transfer (EXDMAC): 2 channels
  • Data transfer controller
  • 16-bit timer pulse unit: 6 channels
  • Multifunction timer pulse unit 3: 9 channels
  • General PWM timer: 4 channels
  • Port output enable 3
  • Programmable pulse generator: Max. 32-bit output
  • 8-bit timer: 4 channels
  • Compare match timer: 4 channels
  • Two comparison match timer W:2 channels
  • Real-time clock
  • Watchdog timer
  • Independent watchdog timer
  • Ethernet controller: 177/176-pin: 2 ch; other: 1 ch
  • PTP controller for Ethernet
  • DMA controller for Ethernet controller (EDMAC)
  • USB 2.0 full-speed (host/function/OTG):177,176-pin:2channels; 145,144,100-pin:1channel;
  • Serial communications interface (SCIg): 177, 176, 145, 144-pin: 8 channels; 100-pin: 6 channels
  • Serial communications interface with FIFO (SCIF): 177, 176, 145, 144-pin: 4 channels; 100-pin: 2 channels
  • Serial communications interface (SCIh)
  • I2C bus interface: 2 channels
  • Serial peripheral interface (RSPI)
  • CAN: 177, 176, 145, 144-pin: 3 channels; 100-pin: 2 channels
  • Quad serial peripheral interface (QSPI)
  • Serial sound interface: 2 channels
  • Sampling rate comparator
  • SD host interface
  • MMC host interface
  • Parallel data capture unit: 177, 176, 145, 144-pin only
  • 12-bit A/D converter: 177, 176, 145, 144-pin: 29 channels; 100-pin: 22 channels
  • 12-bit D/A converter: 177, 176, 145, 144-pin: 2 channels; 100-pin: 1 channel
  • Temperature sensor
  • CRC calculator
  • Power-on reset circuit
  • Voltage detection circuit (LVD)
  • Data operation circuit
  • Clock frequency accuracy measurement circuit
  • Encryption functions (AES/DES/SHA/RNG)  

On-chip debugging

with Trace Funktion

Low power consumption Modes

4 Modes


  • Sleep Mode
  • All-module clock stop Mode
  • Software standby Mode
  • Deep software standby Mode
RX64M Group Memory vs. Package Lineup
RX64M Group Memory vs. Package Lineup
RX64M Group: Schematic Diagram
RX64M Group: Schematic Diagram