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We offer not only products - we provide solutions.
RX231 RENESAS - CANopen Driver

RENESAS RX231 - CANopen driver and tools now available

SITARA AM437x - CANopen / EtherCAT Support

CANopen Master/Slave and EtherCAT for SITARA´s AM437 series available


Multi-Protocol-Solution R-IN32M3 PROFINET-CCB/RT1, EthernetIP+DLR, EtherCAT, CANopen


Generic Open Abstraction Layer the new Middleware from PORT


RENESAS RZT and RZN1 series available with GOAL -one hardware, one middleware - many possibilities intelligent communication solutions come from PORT

CANopen - Infineon AURIX TC23X Familie

Infineon AURIX TC23X Familie - CANopen Stack and Design Tool now available

Raspberry PI IoT Extension

PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT your RasPI goes to real time communication quick and easy

System on Module (SoM)

Ready to use Multiprotocol solution PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT CANopen and CC-LinkIE TSN on request

STM32G4 - CANopen

full CANopen support available Multiline / 11 + 29bit IDs STM32CubeG4

STM32H7 - CANopen

CANopen Drivers available Master / Slave CANopen Library full Design Tool Support

Layerscape LS1028A - CC-LinkIE TSN

CC-LinkIE TSN Support Control / Remote Station (Master/Slave) ICC Engineering Tool Support

i.MX RT1170 - CC-LinkIE TSN Support

CC-LinkIE TSN Support Control / Remote Station (Master/Slave) ICC Engineering Tool Support

Renesas R-IN32M3 (RY9012A0) Module

RJ45 Multi-Protocol-Modules ICC Engineering Tool AddIN (Design Tool) supports PROFINET, EtherNedtIP and EtherCAT SPI Driver Support and Development

Infineon XMC4800

CANopen / EtherCAT Driver Package available ICC Engineering Tool Support


port´s communication solutions for "Industrie 4.0"

That's port

Reliable real-time communication on the latest technological standards - that is port.

The application decides what you need - PORT offers the right solution for your need - Semiconductor independently

port is a market leading company in the field of protocol libraries. stacks, drivers and tools for industrial real time communication. Since 1990 our Know-How accelerates your Time-To-Market. More than 500 customers worldwide and thousands of devices using port`s real time technology successfully. 

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10/2022 Creditreform "CrefoCert" credit rating certificate

port GmbH was externally audited by Creditreform and receives the "CrefoCert" for "excellent credit rating". "Those who deal transparently with their finances and data create an important basis for reliable and sustainable......

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07/2022 Raspberry PI PROFINET and EtherNetIP - without additional hardware

Raspberry PI PROFINET and EtherNetIP - without additional hardware port's technology platform (middleware) GOAL is now also available for the Raspberry PI.With the GOAL solution, the Raspberry PI is "ready for" PROFINET and EtherNetIP......

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06/2022 OPC UA - port industrial automation GmbH becomes a member of the OPC Foundation

port's middlerware GOAL is now being expanded with the integration of an OPC UA stack. The GOAL OPC UA protocol stack provides an API to implement an OPC UA server. There exist two versions. port GmbH offering the "Nano Embedded......

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