Update CANopen Library and Update CANopen Design Tool

PORT now offers you a new update CANopen Library 4.5.P12 and an update to the CANopen Design Tool 2.3.11.

Patch 12 offers the following high lights:

  • The CANopen Library can now forward any received heartbeat to the application.
  • In many places the code quality was improved by means of static checks. 

Furthermore, there were the following extensions and improvements:

  • the library can now report any heartbeat to the application
    • enabled via define CO_CONFIG_REPORT_ANY_HB
    • uses indication coUserHbReceived(..) (see examples/template/usr_301.c)
  • LSS slaves will now react to requests while in OPERATIONAL state
    • previously any requests in while OPERATIONAL state would be ignored
    • old behaviour can be reenabled by setting #define CO_CONFIG_LSS_NO_REACTION_IN_OPERATIONAL 1
  • added an automatic SDO abort in case the SDO client cannot start the SDO timeout monitoring
    • previously this would fail silenty and had to be solved by application
  • when using fast sort, removeNodeReq(..) will now also resort it's internal list
  • many small changes due to static code checks via lint
  • in the template for usr_301.c the indication mGuardErrorInd(..) is now included for any device that is using define (CONFIG_MASTER), so it can report received BootUp messages

The CANopen Design Tool (CDT) has also been adapted. The download is available here.  (LINUX - Windows)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team.