ICC - Version 6.0 available - Extension for CC-LinkIE Field Basic

A new version (6.0) of the ICC (industrial communication creator - formerly Design Tool) is now available. In addition to the real-time protocols already supported (CANopen, PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT, CC-LINKIE TSN), CC-LinkIE Field Basic is now also offered.The ICC tool is used to quickly create new applications for various stacks such as Profinet, EtherNetIP, CANopen, EtherCAT, CC-linkIE TSN and CC-LinkIE Field Basic. The basic application is created based on the GOAL runtime, the corresponding object dictionary and the device description file are created.

With the extensions, the ICC also supports the products SoM (Stack on Module) and the iRJ45 (R-IN32M3 Module for Multi-Protocol Support) from Renesas

A detailed description of the tool can be downloaded here