PROFINET Stack V1.2 now available

The PROFINET stack Port GmbH is constantly evolving. In the new version 1.2 , especially the portability , configurability and functionality has been expanded and improved.

The PROFINET CC-A version of our Stack's speaks to the marked of I/O and sensor clients. 

The PROFINET stack now provides the following additional benefits:

  • Greatly simplified API: modules / slot configurations can be set via API during initialization easy.
  • Using a central callback function
  • Implemented standard callbacks for all stack functions: they only implement desired deviations from the standard behavior.
  • Better separation of platform-specific and platform -independent code
  • Standardization of the memory configuration for all supported platforms
  • Platform-independent demonstration Example with data processing , LED and Button Support (if available on hardware )
  • Numerous detail improvements in memory management, logging functionality , etc.
  • Code Cleanup : You save a few hundred LOC with the same functionality .


To maintenance customers get the new update in the coming days sent .

The new datasheet available for download here: datasheet (eng)  

For inquiries, please contact our team at any time.. ( Tel: 0049-345-777550  by email)