Multiprotocol Support (PROFINET, EtherNetIP und EtherCAT) for MCU STM32F, G, H, L Series from ST Microelectronics

port extends the connection of the SoM modules (Stack on Module) to the STM32 MCU family from ST Microelectronics. With the firmware extension “µGOAL”, all derivatives of the STM32F, STM32G, STM32L and STM32H families can now be connected to the SoM (Stack on Module) via SPI. The user is now able to offer PROFINET (incl. MRP), EtherNetIP (incl. DLR) and EtherCAT for all named derivatives. 

The firmware extension µGOAL describes a software package that enables the integration of the SoM module in applications without using a complete GOAL framework platform. As a result, for example. 8 bit CPUs with 2KB RAM can also be connected via SPI with the multi-protocol support technology SoM (Stack on Module). This makes it possible to enable low-cost or low-performance CPUs to be integrated into PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT environments quickly and easily. µGOAL mimics the required functionality from the GOAL framework, which is specifically required by the application controller framework. It is configurable in a number of ways to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of destinations. Most of the CCM-specific examples for fieldbus applications can be reused without modification. 

By using the module, no investment costs in the form of licenses are necessary. The module is cUL / CE certified. The PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT protocols are “PRE-Certified” and therefore easy to integrate. 

An extensive tool chain such as the ICE (Industrial Communication Explorer - is included free of charge) and the ICC (Industrial Communication Creator - optionally available) make integration much easier. 

For simple testing, port GmbH offers EVAL kits based on the STM32F4 or STM32F7.

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