CANopen Driver Update: Sitara AM335x with internal CAN Controller DCAN

(07/2017) Port offers a CANopen driver update for the SITARA AM335x.

The following features are offered by the driver:

  • Features: Single Line, BasicCAN+FullCAN, 11 -u. 29bit IDs.
  • xamples: s1, s2, s3, m1, m2  with SYSBIOS support

Evalboard: TI AM335x ICE board Rev. 2.1A

The Examples are made out to rund out-of-the-box with the following toolchain: 


  • IDE/Compiler: Code Composer Studio v6.1.2 

used library: TI am335x_sysbios_ind_sdk_1.1.0.4 / incl. AM335x starterware

The supported and recommended tool configuration from TI sdk:

  • am335x_sysbios_ind_sdk_1.1.0.4:
  • bios 6_35_4_50
  • xdc