CANopen Design Tool(CDT) with new functions and drivers available

For the successful CDT (CANopen Design Tool) is a new update available for download (Windows and LINUX).

"A tool for the development of CANopen applications (devices). The object dictionary source code can be generated along with the device EDS file using prepared Device Profiles. Standard CiA DS-301 and DS-302 network communication profiles are included."

If you already have our CDT in combination with the CANopen Library in use, you can start the update here (download).

without obligation try - then download here and save time ..

  • new driver packages are supported:
    •   DP Atmel ATSAM4E16E
    •   DP Atmel ATSAM4E16E µC/OS II
  • new Profile database for the CiA standard 443 "SIIS level-2 devices" is available.
  • The optional XML element dataType is supported for each CANopen object now. This attribute is documented in the XDD file.
  • special keywords for the access controlling on variables for operating systems with a memory management are configurable. The usage of this feature requires a CANopen Library V4.5.
  • The CDT provides a line-reference in the initialization and deinitialization of the Library for multi-line devices.
  • The cycle time for the process "Boot NMT slave" executed on the NMT Startup Manager  is configurable. The option "Enable non-standard extension" was extended for the EMCY producer, so that the cob-ID can be set application-specific. 

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