CANopen Bootloader TI TMS320F280x Family

(07/2017) PAULUS - memory-saving CANopen Bootloader implementation for TI TMS320F280x Familie - ANSI-C, Compiler and IDE independent

Port now offers a PAULUS boot loader for the TI TMS320F280x family. The boot loader was tested with the following CPU types: (in the socket of the EVAL board):

  • TMS320F2809 (default configuration)
  • TMS320F2808
  • TMS320F2806


Features: LSS, Emergency, Heartbeat, Auto-Start (optional). Debug-Output additionally on USART possible. The reference is the following Evalboard: Spectrum Digital - eZdsp TMS320F2808

The examples are made out to run with the following IDE/Compiler: TI CodeComposer v6.1.2


Approximate size of the Bootloader: 16kByte