EtherCAT - Stack Update V 1.6.0

08/2017 Die EtherCat Library wurde gründlich überarbeitet und steht nun in der Version 1.6.0 zur Verfügung. 

Folgenden Produktverbesserungen und Erweiterungen wurden integriert:

  • added MII Management API (Phy access via ESC registers)
  • added support for Input Only slaves with Sync Manager 2 as Inputs
  • CoE: added timeout when waiting for a Master to read response from a Mailbox
  • SDO: Complete Access - allow writing less than all Subindices
  • fixed waiting for DC during SafeOP to OP when feature NMT Split is activated
  • added support for UNSIGNED64 and INTEGER64 data types
  • MBOX: fixed bug "deadlock of Rx Buffers in case of asynchronous traffic"
  • added support for TCP/IP stack "lwIP" over EoE
  • TIMER: renewed Timer API
  • fixed clang compiler warnings
  • added support for GOAL