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Publications of CiA

  • CAN Power Management Layer Specification (CiA DS150)
    Network standby and power reduction capabilities, CiA, Nuremberg
  • CAL Specification (CiA DS201 ... 207)
    CAN Application Layer, recommended standard for industrial CAN applications, CiA, Nuremberg
  • CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile, CANopen (CiA DS301 V4.01)
    Communication profile, CiA, Nuremberg
  • CANopen Device Profile for I/O Modules (CiA DS 401)
    CiA, Nuremberg
  • CANopen Device Profile for IEC1131, Programmable Devices (CiA DS 405)
    CiA, Nuremberg
  • CANopen Device Profile for Encoder (CiA DS 406)
    CiA, Nuremberg



The following CiA documents can be downloaded directly.

  • CAN 2.0 Part A
    describing the CAN message format as it is defined in CAN Specification 1.2
  • CAN 2.0 Part B
    describing both standard and extended message formats.
  • CAN 2.0 Addendum
    In order to be compatible with this CAN Specification 2.0 it is required that a CAN implementation be compatible with either Part A or Part B.
  • DS 102 V2.0
    CAN Physical Layer for Industrial Applications
  • DR 303-1 V1.0
    CANopen Cabling and Connector Pin Assignment
  • DR 303-2 V1.0
    CANopen Representation of SI Units and Prefixes



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