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Sales - Partner in Japan - WITZ Corporation

WITZ Corporation Japan


WITZ Corporation / Sapporo Office

KITAKO CENTER BLD. 507JAPAN 3-33 Ohdori Nishi-9, Chuo-ku,Ohd 

Tel: +81112809055

Email: sapporo@witz-inc.co.jp

Web: www.witz-inc.co.jp

Czech Republic, Slovakia - MACH SYSTEMS s.r.o.

MACH SYSTEMS s.r.o. are experts in development of Embedded Systems, Automation, IT Solutions, Mobile Applications, and License Plate Recognition (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)/OCR Systems.

We specialize in embedded and in-vehicle networking LIN – Local Interconnect Network, CAN – Controller Area Network (SAE J1939, CANopen, CAN FD), FlexRay, SAE J2716 – SENT/SPC and Ethernet Powerlink / BroadR-Reach. We develop and provide communication stacks and solutions for test bench and diagnostics tools and utitilites for CAN, LIN, FlexRay, SAE J1939, SAE 2716.




Company Registration no.: 29413893
VAT no.: CZ29413893


Hraskeho 1924/13
Prague 4
148 00
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 607 568 342
Web Sites:

Mr. Miroslav Machacek




Sales - Partner Italy - Tecnologix S.R.L.

Tecnologix, founded in 1986, is an engineering company primarily devoted to the development of microprocessor based industrial controls and electronics for distributed automation. Tecnologix is active in many industrial areas, among others packaging, medical, power electronics, trasportation. With more than 30 years of presence on the market, Tecnologix provides a deep knowledge of Distributed Automation and is an affordable partner to provide experience and knowledge in Fieldbus based embedded developments.

Tecnologix S.R.L. / Via Biancospini 6 / I-20146 Milano / Italy

Sales in South Africa - Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd

Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd

Harmony Electronics has extensive knowledge in the semi conductor industry in offering a world class programming service at competitive rates. Experienced in a wide range of electronic industry segments, including industrial, consumer, telecom, power, security and military. We are particularly recognised for our experience and expertise in high volume production programming and in depth technical know how on Microcontroller products, thus delivering excellent Customer Experiences, as well as building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our In depth expertise on Microcontroller products allow us to offer more specialised services including Firmware/Hardware development for ARM based and MIPS technology.


  • Fast Cost effective, production programming of all microchip pic devices.
  • High yield, low failure rate.
  • Training on MCU microcontroller products
  • Contractual services for Firmware/Hardware/ development on MCU based Microcontrollers


Sightsys LTD our distribution partner in Israel

Sightsys Ltd is our exclusiv distribution partner in Israel. 

Sightsys LTD is well experienced provider of development and testing tools over 20 years. We bring innovative solutions for electronic and embedded system design, development and test to the developers in Israel, acting as a value-added provider for development teams needing a high standard of technical understanding, as well as high-class customer support. Sightsys team offers diverse world-class solutions forembedded development such as compilers, IDEs, RTOSs, Debuggers, in-circuit emulators, add-on embedded sw stacks & components and professional services.Sightsys is committed to provide a creative, ethical, enjoyable and professional working environment and to conduct our business with civility and honesty, to the benefit of our employees, principals and customers.



Mr. Zvika Almog

7 Imber St., Kiriat ArieP.O.B. 1026

Petah-Tikva 49200

Email - click here 

Phon: +972-3-9222771 

Coressent Korea - Sales and Support for the Asia Market

Coressent Korea (our partner for Sales and Service in Korea) have focused on Embedded RTOS, Development tools and Technical consulting work for Mobile, Consumer and Industrial market for over 10 years.

Also, We have high career level engineering resources who have worked with Korean major customers as like Samsung, LG, ETRI, etc. We are consulting and supporting Korean customers according to technical trend and Customers’ demand. 

Main Business 

  • Embedded RTOS
  • Mobile market for developing Mobile Handset and Wireless Modem SoC, Industrial market for developing Industrial control unit as like PLC, DCS, IED, etc
  • Consumer market for developing Telematics, DVD, DTV, STB, etc 
  • Technical Consulting
  • Hardware startup code, Kernel porting for Firmware, RTOS and Linux, Various device driver development, Open source integration and Commercialization using RTOS and Linux.


l  Company name : Coressent Korea

l  Phone: +82-2-522-2247 / Fax: +82-2-522-2129

l  Email : sales@coressentkorea.co.kr


l  Web: www.coressentkorea.co.kr

ECS Srl. (Espania)

Since the year 2003 port works together with the Italian company ECS Srl. ECS started in 1995 as an electronic engineering company. The Italian Company is growing rapidly in the development of embedded heating and cooling systems, the perfect application for CANopen. It provides experience and services for embedded controllers networked with CAN technologies. You can reach the ECS home page at www.ecsproject.com and ECS by email. service.CANopen@ecsproject.com

Neomore (France)

Neomore proposes efficient, open and innovative solutions for fast development of embedded and real-time applications to customers in France. These solutions include computer boards, embedded BIOS, firmware tools, emulators, debuggers, compilers, operating systems, communication stacks and middleware from the worldwide industry leaders. NeoMore’s experienced engineers provide their customers with premium local support for the best-in-class General Software products.
You can reach Neomore home page at www.neomore.com.

Pyramid Solutions (USA)

port is using the DeviceNet experiences of Pyramid Solutions to provide a complete spectrum of CAN protocols in Europe.
Pyramid Solutions is a recognized leader in software engineering and systems integration, with a comprehensive technical staff. The Communication Systems Group has extensive experience developing data communications solutions for industrial control and automation networks.
You can reach Pyramid Solutions home page at www.pyramidsolutions.com.


Warwick Control Technologies (England)

Since the year 2000 port is using the DeviceNet experiences of Warwick Controls and nowadays also the LIN and FlexRay competency.

WCT provide expertise, tools and development services for embedded controllers and Controller Area Networks, aimed at the automotive and industrial automation industries.
You can reach the WCT home page at www.warwickcontrol.com.

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