Paulus Bootloader

Paulus Bootloader port´s ANSI-C source code of a CANopen boot loader useful for easy In-System-Programming and firmware updates (not only for CANopen devices).

Modern device designs need an easy and reliable path to update firmware images. The bootloader Paulus by port is a split-off from port's field proven CANopen Library and is optimized for a small footprint in the flash. It is a stand-alone software with minimalistic functionality and receives the new firmware image by standard CANopen measures still being a valid CANopen node.

port´s Paulus Bootloader also support a lot of CPU/MCU Families like STM32, TI-TIVA, RENESAS, Cypress/Spansion, Fujitsu, and many more.

New: Paulus Bootloader support "Infineon Aurix TC23x" (order number: 0271/28)

New: Paulus Bootloader support "dsPIC33EPxx family" (order number: 0271/27)