New Driver packages for PORT´s CANopen Library

New Driver packages for PORT´s CANopen Library available.

  • Renesas RX72M
  • ST STM32F413

DP Renesas RX72M (0565/167)

Features: Single line/Multi Line, BasicCAN, 11bit-IDs Compiler/IDE: Renesas e2studio v7.3.0 Eval-Board: Renesas RX72M Communication Board


CANopen in the R4F Core CANopen Driver Package for Renesas RZ/T1 (R4F core) with internal CAN Controller. Special: CANopen running in the R4F Core only, not in the M3 Core. Using the IAR Development System

DP ST STM32F413 (0565/163)

3rd CAN Controller supported Special Driver Package for STM32F413 with CANopen Support for the 3rd CAN Controller. Each CAN-Controller can be used for an independent CAN-Line, optionally the first two CAN-Lines can be combined to support CANopen Redundancy - still having the 3rd CAN-Line as a regular CANopen-Line. Contrary to the first two CAN-Controller - the 3rf CAN-Controller operates at another offsett and addressing scheme, accordingly the driver package offers a great added value. Supported by the Keil Tool Chain.