CANopen Library V 4.5.13 verfügbar

(09/2017) PORT liefert die neue CANopen Library in der Version 4.5.13 an seine Kunden aus

Die CANopen Library wurde umfassend überarbeit und steht nun als Update unseren Kunden zur Verfügung. 

Kunden mit einem aktuellen SMA (Service - Maintenance - Agreement) bekommen das Update automatisch zugesendet. 

Unseren Kunden ohne SMA empfehlen wir ein Update auf die neue Version. gern unterbreiten wir Ihnen ein Angebot. 

neue Funktionen: 

  • the library can now report any received message to the application
    • enabled via define CO_CONFIG_USER_MESSAGE_TEST
    • the application can then suppress further handling of a message by the library
  • the library can now report the time until the next internal event
    • could be used to better time the call of FlushMbox on threaded systems
    • note: FlushMbox should still be called promtly on receiving a message
    • function is called co_getNextInternalEventTime(..)

was hat sich geändert: 

  • dynamic services setup now uses calloc instead of malloc to ensure NULLed variable initialization
  • when using dynamic services setup on single-line more internal functions use values derived from arguments of initDynamicServices, where applicable
    • this was already the case on multi-line
    • this will give a pointer to the full identity information array instead of the start of line specific information
    • only noticeable on multi-line
    • old behavior unchanged
  • added option CO_CONFIG_SUPPRESS_BOOTUP to start up
    • this will suppress sending any boot up, but the device will start otherwise normal
    • this option is NOT according to the CANopen standard and WILL FAIL any conformance test
  • added option CO_CONFIG_BLOCKTRANSFER_INHIBITED_SEND to blocktransfer
    • this will inhibit data segments of the blocktransfer, spreading them over time
    • value in CO_CONFIG_BLOCKTRANSFER_INHIBITED_SEND is used as a default value, this can be adjusted per SDO
    • only data segments in blocktransfer are affected


  • added template for coProtocolErrorInd
  • added templates for coUserVirtualTpdoInd, coUserVirtualRpdoInd

Fixed : 

  • the library can now handle 64bit variable conversion on big endian systems
  • the lss template for usr_305.c has a proper default case

Für Rückfragen steht unser Team jederzeit gern zur Verfügung.