RENESAS RZ/N1 is fully supported by GOAL Technology

05/2017 Port's Realtime Communication Technology "GOAL" supports the new MCU series from RENESAS RZ / N1.

The integrated switch management, the available real-time fieldbus protocols (such as PROFINET CCB, CANopen, EtherCAT, EthernetIP, Modbus TCP) and many other features form a true IoT device in combination with the RZ / N1.

The RZ / N1 is ideal for many industrial applications such as intelligent gateways and protocol converters, programmable controllers (PLCs), remote IO devices, and networked intelligent endpoints for industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT Realtime applications.

With only one MCU solution, the customer is able to form various requirements in the application by using different controls.Available extensions such as DLR (Device Level Ring for EthernetIP) and future options such as OPC UA complete the possibilities.

GOAL for RENESAS RZ / N1 is now available.

PS: GOAL is also available for the RENESAS products RIN32M and RZ / T1

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