new EtherCAT Design Tool

PORT GmbH offers its customers a new EtherCAT Design Tool in conjunction with the new EtherCAT slave - Stack 1.5. The EtherCAT design tool  is completely reworked. Both, the stack and the tools support extensively the new certification requirements of the ETG.

The offer to support other hardware platforms has been enhanced, as well as added more functionality in.

A trial version is available.

The following features have been added:

  • sub-segmentation for Application Variables and/or   Application ARRAYs added
  • documentation of default values and limits in the device description files is configurable
  • Sync Manager service reworked 
  • ndex range for objects extended
  • data type BYTE is supported
  • including of an application-specific header file supported
  • EEPROM simulation is configurable, see General Settings > EEPROM emulation 
  • EEPROM access via PDI is configurable, see General Settings > EEPROM access via PDI 
  • acknowledge by write is configurable, see General Settings > acknowledgement by write see General Settings > Application-specific header
  • header and food text can be specified for manufacturer-specific object documentations, see menu Options > Generation Options > Manufacturer-specific object descriptions
  • explicit device identification is configurable, see General Settings > Service Settings > NMT Settings> Explicit device identification support
  • SDO Split indication is configurable, see General Settings > Service Settings > SDO Settings > SDO Split Indication
  • SDO segmented transfer is configurable, see General Settings > Service Settings > SDO Settings > Support segmented SDO transfer
  • enforce DC synchronization is configurable, see General Settings > Service Settings > PDO Settings > Enforce DC Synchronization

ESI (EtherCAT Slave Information):

  • generation of data type sizes corrected
  • attributes IP and MAC supported for EoE tag


  • attribute CompleteAccess supported in category General
  • attribute PdoAssign and PdoConfig supported in category General

C code:

  • generation of ec_init.c was removed because this code   is included in the EtherCAT Library
  • usage of the index number of manufacturer-specific and device profile-specific data types instead of the general macro EC_DEFTYPE_USER in the object dictionary
  • list of object sub-name is generated used by SDO Info


  • category mEdsName is mandatory


If you need more information, please contact our PORT Team. 

Phone: +49-345-77755-0

Email: Port GmbH