EtherCAT – Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP platforms supported

EtherCAT TI TMS320F2837x ControlCARD connected with a ET1100 EtherCAT board (EtherCAT BoosterPack) is now supported using SPI or EMIF (parallel, external memory interface)

CoE CANopen over EtherCAT, FoE File over EtherCAT, EoE Ethernet over EtherCAT with connected and implemented lwIP TCP/IP Stack, DC Distributed Clocks, and a Drives Device Profile CiA-402 Example showing the CSP mode (cyclic synchronous positioning mode).

The main USP`s are:


  • EtherCAT - DesignTool supported (automated and reproducible configuration)
  • mighty Powerful Object Dictionary, including options to assign repetitive objects in groups, so called Sub-Segments. This enables the user to handle these groups similar/identical while still handling different objects. This is a powerful feature to handle quick and effective e.g. multiple axis. All of this supported with our Design Tool
  • nearly identical API for CANopen and POWERLINK with our corresponding stacks
  • the EtherCAT Design Tool creates a compliant ESI file for your device