EtherCAT Slave Stack V1.5 available

PORT GMBH is now offering the completely revised EtherCAT Slave Stack. There a number of new functions have been integrated and the performance improved. One of the main features is the optimization of the stack for the new Conformance Test 2.0 ETG.

The new EtherCAT Slave Stack includes the following new features:

  • data type BYTE supported
  • full support of SDO Complete Access (automatic padding of bit data types)
  • FoE Busy-Requests (delay a FoE Read or Write request while device is busy)
  • EoE: supporting services “Set IP Parameter” & “Get IP Parameter” for configuring virtual MAC address and IP parameter§Supporting objects with gaps
  • Full support of SDO info service for online dictionaries §EEPROM access via PDI

Conformance Test

  • compliant to specification of the Conformance Test 2.0 ETG

The new EtherCAT Slave Stack supports the following Slave Controller:

  • Beckhoff ET1100/ET1200 / FPGA IP Cores
  • Renesas R-IN32 Engine
  • Microchip LAN9252
  • Trinamic TMC8460

Furthermore, the following MCU (with ESC on board and without) supports:

  • Atmel AT91SAM7X
  • Infineon XMC4300
  • Infineon XMC4500
  • Infineon XMC4800
  • Kinetis K2X
  • Linux (with ESC on PCI Card)
  • Renesas R-IN32M3
  • ST STM32F10X
  • ST STM32F2XX
  • TI AM335X
  • TI AM437X
  • Xilinx uBlaze
  • Microsemi SmartFusion2

Case of questions please contact our service team.