embedded world 2019 Hall 1 Booth 648

Industrie 4.0, IoT - we read and hear that every day. All devices, controllers and sensors will communicate with each other in the future, partly in REAL TIME, in different environments and, above all, safely. The choice of hardware platforms or the extended use of existing devices and systems - all this brings new challenges.

We at Port will be showcasing solutions in Hall 1, Booth 648.

  •  Multi-protocol solution or a protocol - with our middleware GOAL and the right hardware we solve (almost) every real-time communication problem. 
  • Stacks and Tools: PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, POWERLINK, CANopen 
  • Core to Core Communication - you already use a CPU / MCU and do not want to redevelop everything? We offer you a core to core solution via SPI You continue to use your development environment and add a communication CPU - e.g. as placement option. One solution - many communication options
  • Embeded Hardware - You have small quantities and no budget for "big" developments? Then use our "ready for use" SoM (System on Module) products. PROFINET, EtherNetIP (DLR), EtherCAT and optionally CANopen on board. A management tool and an extended design tool complete the solution.
  • SBC (single board computer) - an SBC from EMTRION and the GOAL multiprotocol solution from PORT - gives you more time to implement your application.

 more high lights 

  • EtherCANopen Gateway with DS309-3 Protokol 
  • Design Tool PROFINET / EtherNetIP -  offers you a uniform, simple and very comfortable tool for configuration and object dictonary management. With just one tool, you can implement individual functionalities in connection with our stacks via plug-ins. This tool is easy to use, highly efficient and saves significant design phase costs.

Did you know that PORT supports over 200 hardware platforms with CANopen master / slave?

If our standard solutions do not quite fit - we offer custom software and hardware development, integration service and ODM / OEM development. Of course, we also support you with the Conformance and EMC tests together with the PNO and ODVA

We would be pleased to welcome you to our booth at Embedded World in Hall 1 Booth 648.