CANopen - PORT new drivers available


PORT is further expanding its driver portfolio for the CANopen stacks (master / slave). Additional CPU / MCU from RENESAS, NXP, XILINXTexas Instruments and Spansion are now supported.

PORT now has more than 200 Driver Packages available for various MCU / CPU in stock.

Below are the latest available CANopen Driver Packages:

  • (0565/153) DP Spansion MB9BF15x 

Compiler/IDE: Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM v8.1.0 (basierend auf gcc v6.3.1)

Board:  Spansion FM3 StarterKit with MB9BF516N cpu (SK-FM3-100PMC-MB9BF516N)

Features: Multiline, FullCAN+BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDs

  • (0565/154) DP NXP S32K144 

Compiler/IDE: S32 Design Studio for ARM 1.3 (gcc-cross compile for ARM: gcc v4.9)

Board:  S32K144EVB-Q100: EVAL Board (NXP)

Features: Multiline, BasicCAN, 11bit IDs

  • (0565/152) DP TI TMS320DM6435 Sysbios + Autobaud 

Compiler/IDE: TI CodeComposer v6.1

Board:  customer HW mit TMS320DM6435

Features: Single line, BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDs, Autobaud 

  • (0565/155) DP Renesas RX71M 

Features: Single line/Multiline, BasicCAN, 11bit-IDs

Compiler/IDE: Renesas e2studio v6.3.0

Eval-Board: Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX71M (Nr. YR0K50571MS000BE)

  • (0565/147) DP TI TMS570LS Hercules 

Compiler/IDE: TI CodeComposer v7.1.0

Board: TMS570LS31 Hercules Safety MCU development kit (HDK)

Features: Multiline, BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDs

  • (0565/157) DP TI TMS320F28379_with_MCP2517FD_Sysbios 

Compiler/IDE: : TI 17.9.0.STS  mit CodeComposer v7.3.0

Board: TMDSDOCK28379D TMS320 Delfino DevKit

Features: Multiline, BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDs

(MCP2517FD = extended CAN controller von Microchip)

  • (0565/158) DP Renesas SH72544R 

Compiler/IDE: High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) Version


Features: Multiline, BasicCAN, 11bit IDs

  • (0565/159) DP Xilinx Zync7020 

Compiler/IDE: : Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK) v2018.2

Board: Xilinx ZC702 board with SOC XC7Z020

Features: Singleline, BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDs

  • (0565/160) DP Renesas RH850D1M 

Features: Compiler/IDE: Green Hills Software Multi IDE v7.1.4 (Compiler v800-v2017.1.5)

Board: Customer HW with RH850D1M1A target

Features: Singleline, BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDs

  • (0565/161) DP Renesas RX65N FreeRTOS 

Features: Multiline, BasicCAN, 11bit IDs

Compiler/IDE:  e2 studio Version: 6.3 (Compiler package CCRX for RX family v.2.08.00)

Board: Renesas Starter Kit RSK+RX65N_2MB

  • (0565/162) DP NXP S12Z 

Features: Single line, BasicCAN, 11bit IDs

Compiler/IDE: CodeWarrior Development Studio v10.6

Board: S12ZVC Evaluation Board (X-VLG-MC9S12ZVC)