CAnopen Library - Update 4.5.11 available

For the CANopen Library 4.5 is a new patch version 11 available.

thats New:  

  • includes and source were changed to UTF-8, including the templates
  • devices with CO_CONFIG_SELFSTARTING_SLAVE can change bit 3 of 1f80h
  • this allows (re-)configuration of selfstarting slave behavior at runtime
  • all SDO abort codes defined in CiA 301 available for applications

 Changes and Adaptations: 

  • PDO mapping sizes are now exact like defined in CiA 301 
  • previously size less than object size would be accepted. 
  • This new behaviour can be disabled with the define CO_CONFIG_NO_MAPPING_LOWER_SIZE_CHECK.


  • CRC will work in block transfer, even if segments in a block were missed and are retransmitted
  • a few fixes for compiler warnings in Renesas Compilers


Our customers with an SMA (Service Maintenance Agreement) receive the updates automatically.

The CANopen Design Tool (CDT) whas also been adapted and is available for download.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.