CANopen Drivers for STM32F7 with Free RTOS

Port now offers CANopen drivers for the STM32F7 with FreeRTOS. The following features are offered:

DP ST STM32F7xx FreeRTOS / Compiler/IDE: Keil ARMCC v5.22 - µVision5 

additional: Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM v8.0.0 (gcc based)

(example projects s1, s2, m1 available with this IDE) / Board: STM32F769I-EVAL

Features: Multiline, Basic+FullCAN, 11+29bit IDs, redundancy

Examples: s1,s2,s4,s11,m1 with FreeRTOS support (with Heap support)

The driver used the STM32F7xx HAL DriversV1.4 (22-April-2016) from the STM32CubeF7 Firmware Package. Drivers and examples based on FreeRTOS v9.0.