CANopen Design Tool (CDT) Update

The new CDT (Canopen Design Tool) version 2.3.6 is ready for download now.

What’s new?

new hardware drivers:

  • Freescale Kinetis 20x
  • Freescale Kinetis 22x
  • Microchip dsPIC33EPxx
  • Microchip dsPIC33EVxx 

advanced features and bug fixing 

  • for extended data types the brackets optimized in macro SET_*
  • extern declaration for callback functions corrected
  • a warning is printed out during generation, if the values of an object of data type DOMAIN  are located in program memory
  • during EDS-import also the property "dynamic PDO mapping" is imported


  • index range for the CSV-import was extended from 9FFFh to BFFFh
  • callbacks are also available for the MPDO service

Download Update oder Testversion here:

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