03/2022 - EtherCAT - STM32F411x connected with Trinamic TM8462 EtherCAT Controller

port GmbH offer EtherCAT drivers to connect  ST STM32F411RE-Nucleo board together with an Trinamic TM8462 EtherCAT® controller.

Target System:
The port EtherCAT stack is implemented and tested on a ST STM32F411RE-Nucleo board connected to a Trinamic TM8462 EtherCAT® slave controller via SPI. The ESC evaluation board is called “TMC8462-EVAL v3.1”.

more technical informations you will find here

more about Trinamic TM8462 EtherCAT®

ICC Tool (industrial communication creator tool)

The sample projects are designed with port’s ICC tool.

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