03/2022 - CANopen / J1939 - Partnership with WCT in Warwick (UK)

port GmbH offer CANopen for nearly 30 years now. Our strength over our competitors is the abstraction to the hardware with our so called driver applications - we only maintain ONE stack for all platforms.  
port GmbH supporting more than 100 different targets for CANopen and decided a few years ago to open this driver portfolio for J1939. We selected our partner WCT in Warwick (U.K.) to supply the J1939 Library. Accordingly the user can hook up the J1939 Library to port’s CANopen Driver portfolio.
Our reason to partner with WCT is the broad experience WCT has in J1939 while we add our 30years CANopen experience. Providing a Protocol stack is one side of the story – knowing the real world the stack is employed in, is another – at least as important story.
CANopen as well as J1939 is full supported in the ICC tool approach.

WCT in Warwick (UK)