CAN Media Converter

Port is expanding its offering in the field of CAN - devices and hardware solutions. The new media - converters (conversion from copper to fiber optics) can be used in star- and in Desy chain - structures. The media - converters are available in 2 versions for PMMA and ST. The devices are offered in small space-saving DIN rail housing. More information can be found here: here follow the link...

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new CANopen drivers available

new drivers for CANopen available Port GmbH is constantly expanding support for new hardware platforms. New drivers and boot loader for the following platforms available:  Freescale, Infineon, ST Micro, Microchip, Renesas, Altera and Texas Instruments  Of course, our CANopen Design Tool is up to date - a trial download can be found here...

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CANopen Protocol Stack for latest Renesas’ 32-Bit RX231 MCU Group

Düsseldorf, Halle - October 22, 2015 – Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and port GmbH today announced the availability of a highly efficient CANopen protocol stack for Renesas’ smart 32-bit RX231 MCUs. Renesas ported the widely used and popular CANopen software stack in cooperation with its business partner port GmbH.  The Renesas RX231 series offers a family of devices with large on-chip SRAM of up to 64 KB and up to 512 kB of......

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Port GmbH - in own behalf

The 1st half year 2015 ended with a good result. The result (EBIT) before special charges in line with the expectations of our shareholders. The book-to-bill ratio is a value of 1.28, above the industry average. From 01.07.2015 our employees receive 3.5% in wages and salaries . Port is following the german trend in the electrical and metal sector....


complete DS401 (I/O Devices) State Machine for CANopen

Port offers a complete DS401 (I / O Devices) State Machine and Profile for the CANopen stack. Furthermore, a very helpful DS402 (Drives) are offered a example with profile CANopen as a product. Thus DS401 applications can be implemented quickly and effectively. The DS402 example is an enormous help in the development of CANopen DS402 + compatible drives. For further information please contact our......

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New: CANopen Driver for Microchip dsPIC33EPxx / dsPIC33Evxx

Port expanded its CANopen hardware support for MCU / CPU's from Microchip for the product families: Microchip dsPIC33EPxx Family of MCUMicrochip dsPIC33Evxx Famaly of MCU  to. The CDT (CANopen Design Tool) also support the full extent above product family. PORT CANopen technology currently supports......

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CANopen Library 4.5 - Update 4.5 available

The now available version of the CANopen Library (Update) 4.5 has been expanded to include some features, improved performance and supports more current CPU / MCU. Callback functionality now available for MPDOs.Callback views even when broken SDO transfer.Writing new faster access function of the objects if the object pointer is already knownnew scheme for easy storage of configuration......

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CANopen Design Tool (CDT) Update

The new CDT (Canopen Design Tool) version 2.3.6 is ready for download now. What’s new? new hardware drivers: Freescale Kinetis 20xFreescale Kinetis 22xMicrochip dsPIC33EPxxMicrochip dsPIC33EVxx  advanced features and bug fixing  for extended data types the brackets optimized in macro SET_*extern declaration for callback functions correcteda warning is printed out during......

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CANopen- Driver for Freescale Kinetis K2x available

port GmbH provides extensive CANopen support for the CPU / MCU Freescale Kinetis K2x. The new driver provides the following features: Single line, BasicCAN, and 11bit. 29bit IDscomments:Developed with Eclipse GCC cross compiler version: 8.3.0 (in IDE Freescale Kinetis Design Studio Version: 2.0.0)Tested with Evalboard Freescale TWR-K20D72M module (with CPU type K20x)Driver source code and......


25 years port GmbH

Port GmbH - a proven and innovative company in the field of industrial communication technology. Innovative and up to date - but yet 25 years old. Since 1990, PORT has prescribed the development of fieldbus technology. As a founding member of the CiA (CAN in Automation) has PORT in the success of CANopen large proportion and is now one of the world's leading providers of CANopen stacks and tools. The list of......

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PHYTEC (Mainz) and port (Halle) expand their embedded systems portfolios with integrated supporting PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

PHYTEC (Mainz) and port (Halle) expand their embedded systems portfolios with an integrated industrial communication technology offering supporting the PROFINET and EtherNet/IP protocol standards. PHYTEC and port will introduce at the SPS/IPC an embedded board solution with integrated PROFINET and EtherNet/IP industrial Ethernet support. The phyBOARD-Wega Single Board Computer (SBC), populated with the Texas Instruments AM335x processor, is the first PHYTEC board to features......

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Multi-protocol connectivity for RX64M RENESAS

Renesas and its partner Port GmbH have announced connectivity solutions for CANopen, and industrial Ethernet protocols stacks for the RX64M MCU series. This includes associated design tools. Solutions for Ethercat and Powerlink are also available as an on-demand option. The solution ensures that the product series is tailored to......

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port GmbH strengthens its sales and support in South Africa

port GmbH strengthens its sales and support in South Africa – Cooperation with Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd
Started"  Through the cooperation with " Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd
expands the "port GMBH" its presence in South Africa. "Due to the rising demand from South Africa, we were forced to take a strong partner for the sales support / advice and after sales - service to search," said......


Port´s CANopen Stack Version 4.5. now available – more power – more functionality – more “inclusive” module

Port´s CANopen Stack Version 4.5. now available – more power – more functionality – more “inclusive” module  More power, more functionality - that describes the new CANopen Library 4.5 and the CANopen Design Tool 2.3 best.  Whether new included modules, more supported platforms or faster program development:  A look at the latest generation of our proven CANopen software is......

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port GmbH provides full range CANopen support for STM32 F0 Entry-level Cortex™-M0 MCUs

port GmbH extends the CANopen support for STMicro‘s STM32F0 Entry level Cortex™-M0 MCUs and provides connectivity for the entire STM32F family with Tools as well as with CANopen technolgy with drivers. The "STM32 F0 Entry Level-Cortex ™-M0-MCU“ offers 32Bit power for very costs sensitive applications. The STM32F0 MCUs combine Real-Time performance, Low-Power operation and an advanced......

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NEW:: PROFINET Design Tool

For comfortable and easy configuration and object dictionary management, port provides its Unified DesignTool Platform which enables the user to develop communication solutions using port stacks rapidly.  The individual functionality for each stack is realized by plug-ins for each protocol. So the user has only to learn how to work with one tool.  The PROFINET DesignTool contains the Unified DesignTool Platform as well as the plug-in for port’s PROFINET IO......

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Controller Area Network (CAN) and Industrial Ethernet Training Day.

Port GmbH, Warwick Control Technologies and Contemporary Controls Ltd, invite to a "Controller Area Network (CAN) and Industrial Ethernet......

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PROFINET Demo for Renesas Starter Kit+ RX63N available

port GmbH now offers ready to use PROFINET demo device for the Renesas Starter Kit+ RX63N for download.  port provides a flash image for the RENESAS Starter Kit+ RX63N implementing a CC-A PROFINET I/O device with 64 byte input and 64 byte output at 1ms cycle time. Beside a detailed documentation and the binary file, a YouTube video describes how to configure the......

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PROFINET Stack V1.2 now available

The PROFINET stack Port GmbH is constantly evolving. In the new version 1.2 , especially the portability , configurability and functionality has been expanded and improved. The PROFINET CC-A version of our Stack's speaks to the marked of I/O and sensor clients.  The PROFINET stack now provides the following additional benefits: Greatly simplified API: modules /......


Embedded World 2014

Welcome to a smarter world! Hall 1 Booth 638 – port GmbH Has been the slogan of the Embedded World for years already. We want to assent to this slogan and we would like to cordially invite you to visit the exhibition, the congress and of course to stop by and inform at our booth about the novelties at port. We would be glad to answer your questions and to accept your suggestions and wishes, in order to be able to provide quality......

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CANopen Design Tool(CDT) with new functions and drivers available

For the successful CDT (CANopen Design Tool) is a new update available for download (Windows and LINUX). "A tool for the development of CANopen applications (devices). The object dictionary source code can be generated along with the device EDS file using prepared Device Profiles. Standard CiA DS-301 and DS-302 network communication profiles are included."...


CAN and Ethernet – similar but different

from:  Christian Bornschein / CiA News 12/2013 Ethernet is significantly older than CAN. While Ethernet was invented in 1973 but published in 1976, CAN was created in 1983 and published in 1987. Both networks had the reason for their invention in common: The need for various devices to communicate. This article outlines the differences between CAN and Industrial Ethernet and shows some of the challenges of Industrial Ethernet with some technical background. Furthermore it raises the......


PROFINET Stack - compatibility with industrial control systems

The PROFINET stack (CC-A / RT 1) is continuously tested with the current controllers available on the market for compatibility. Only recently, a series of tests was completed. The following industrial controls (PROFINET stack CC-A / RT 1) compatible: Bosch Rexroth IndraControl L65: Test OkSiemens S7-1500: Test OkSiemens S7-300: Test OkMolex I-F2 controller card: Test OkTwinCat: Test OkKW-Software Controllers: Test OkPhoenix......

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CANopen Patch 4.4.p78 for CANopen Library available

We would like to inform you about the availability of a new patch for our ANSI-C CANopen libraries.(Art.No: 0564/xx)  The following extensions / enhancements are included:  implementation of a new callback to avoid the initialization of manufacture specific objects by the CANopen librarybetter multiline support for the CANopen safety packageimproved support for arrays of strings and......

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Try the POWER of POWERLINK: POWERLINK Demo-Device for SITARA AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine (ICE)

The SITARA AM335x CPU from Texas Instruments consists of a Cortex A8 core and 2 supplemental PRU cores. Using this combination, a powerful and responsive POWERLINK slave can be implemented. Company port provides all parts to fully support POWERLINK on this platform. Using the Industrial Communica-tion Engine...

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POWERLINK – Use Cases in open, POWERLINK compatible networks

Use Cases - POWERLINK with FPGA and Soft-CPU This case is the most common use case, it allows for an excellent POWERLINK Performance and supports all outstandingPOWERLINK features.In this scenario a Hub-IP Core ensures low latency and low jitter in the line-structure of the network.A special component PE²MAC (POWERLINK Enhanced Ethernet MAC) provides a Autoreply functionality, which basically answersPoll-Request from the MN almost instantly with the corresponding Poll-Response. This......

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port GmbH strengthens its sales and support in Asia

port GmbH strengthens its sales and support in Asia – Cooperation with Accelerated Technology Korea started"  Due to the cooperation with "Accelerated Technology Korea", the port GmbH expands its presence in Korea (Asia). "Due to the rising demand from Asia, we were forced to search for a strong partner for the sales support /advice and after sales service," said Dietmar R. Franke, CEO of the port GmbH "With...


Sitara™ ARM® Cortex™-A8-MCU AM335x - now Driver´s for POWERLINK, CANopen und EtherCAT available

port extends the industrial communication stack portfolio for the Sitara AM335x Cortex-A8 family from Texas Instruments for CANopen, POWERLINK and EtherCAT  Drivers for CANopen, POWERLINK and EtherCAT are now available for the Sitara ™ ARM ® Cortex ™-A8 AM335x microprocessors from Texas Instruments. The drivers are based on industrial communication stacks and tools provided by port. Using the Sitara AM335x together with port´s stacks & tools, a wide......


surveillance audit for ISO 9001 - 2008 passed

port in May 2013, the annual surveillance audit for ISO 9001 - 2008 passed without "negative" characteristics. This is commendable in so far as by our growth in the last 2 years have changed many processes and had to be adjusted. Particularly the processes in the software and hardware development were affected by the changes. Transparency, documentation, ongoing quality assurance, code analysis, MISRA, project controlling and many other processes were integrated in the great process......

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port GmbH offers for ST’s MCU´s STM32F1xx / STM32F2xx and STM32F4xx complete CANopen Support

port GmbH completes the support for 32 Bit ARM Cortex MCU´s by STMicro. The ...


Renesas Electronics Europe and port GmbH Announce Free Software Packages for RX MCU Designs

Halle / Dusseldorf, May 13, 2013 – Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, has teamed up with its software alliance partner port GmbH to offer an innovative software support programme to European customers. Customers who are planning to use the 32-bit RX MCU microcontroller family in their designs can qualify for a free-of-charge commercial software package from port GmbH up to the......

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port is first CEP of Hirschmann / Belden

Hirschmann / Belden and port agree cooperation in the area of embedded communication by using the Switching and routing technology of Hirschman/Belden....

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port extends its development department and business portfolio

port, a leading supplier for fieldbus solutions (CAN/CANopen, DeviceNet) extended its capacities in the development of hardware/firmware and widens its business portfolio....


can4linux Version 3.5.7 released

With finishing the work on can4linux for the two FlexCAN modules on the Ka-Ro TX25 board the version 3.5.7 with support for the Freescale i.MX25 was released. The archive can be downloaded atSourceForge. Alternatively the latest version can always obtained using SVN....


Small but conform

Read in »Klein aber konform« published at the German ProfiNET Journal 2/2010 about resource friendly implementation of PROFINET devices. ...


Wide use of CANopen on Linux operating systems

Already since 1997 port GmbH offers it's CANopen protocol software for the operating system Linux. The universal »can4linux« CAN device driver was developed to accomplish this. Meanwhile the use of Linux for embedded systems has now been established. Thanks to many adaptations made we find can4linux based CAN / CANopen applications not only on Intel platforms with an SJA1000 CAN controller, but also in devices with Freescale, Atmel, and Analog Devices processors....


port makes sure that things are moving - Universal Communication Platform

port GmbH is already known as supplier of technology for communication software and in electric drives. Now another customer is trusting on the company's competence in a extensive project....


CANopen on Texas Instruments Sitara CPU

port has succesful finished porting its CANopen Master/Slave protocol stack onto the ARM Cortex-A8 based Sitara platform....


can4linux for JANZ PCIL boards available

The PCI boards PCIL manufacturered by JANZ AG equipped with one or two CAN controllers can now be used with the can4linux device driver under the Linux operating system....


Field bus meets Ethernet

A new article written by Sten Mückenheim, port GmbH, published at Computer&Automation 3/2010...

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