CANopen Design Tool CDT V2.3.7

Germany // Halle / September 2016

The new CANopen Design Tool (CDT) is now available in version 2.3.7. There are supporting more than 17 new MCU / CPU's. Furthermore, new features have been added. The CDT is available for Windows and LINUX.


new features: 

  • the data type INTEGER64 is supported.
  • virtual PDOs can be used to transfer process data from/to the application directly.
  • the desired hardware configuration can be activated in the application layer


MCU/CPU Support (new) added

  • DP Freescale Kinetis K10  (without OS)
  • DP Freescale Kinetis K10 with µscosII  (mit µscosII OS)
  • DP Freescale Kinetis K2x
  • DP Freescale Kinetis K60
  • DP Freescale Kinetis K60 with µscosII
  • DP Freescale Kinetis KE06Z128
  • DP Infineon XMC4800
  • DP NXP LPC1549
  • DP NXP LPC1778/1788
  • DP Renesas RX231
  • DP Renesas RX231 Starter Kit
  • DP Renesas SYNERGY ThreadX S7G2
  • DP ST STM32L4xx
  • DP ST STM32F769
  • DP TI AM437X
  • DP TI TMS320F28075
  • DP TI TMS320F28377


If you have questions, the PORT Team will be available for you.... 

more Information about CANopen Design Tools - please cklick here