Sparkline embedding images in text lines --

Ted Harding <> wrote a groff macro for embedding EPS images. He also wrote a nice introduction

The macro dospark is defined as follows:

 .de dospark
 .psbb \\$1
 .nr ht0 \\n[ury]-\\n[lly]
 .nr wd0 \\n[urx]-\\n[llx]
 .nr deswd (\\n[.ps]/\\n[ht0])*\\n[wd0]
 .if \\$2&(\\$2>0) .nr deswd (u; \\$2p)
 .nr desht \\n[.ps]
 .if \\$3 .nr desht (u; \\$3p)
 .nr xht 0
 .if (\\n[desht]>\\n[.ps]) .nr xht \\n[desht]-\\n[.ps
 \Xps: import \\$1 \
   \\n[llx] \\n[lly] \\n[urx] \\n[ury] \
   \\n[deswd] \\n[desht]\


  .dospark EPSfilename [deswid [desht]]
with two optional arguments:
  deswid is the desired width of the graphic in points (default)
  desht is the desired height of the graphic in points (default)

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