How to convert TrueType? fonts (and PostScript? fonts) for use with groff. I tried this with Verdana and it did the job. Next up, the (more complex) open-source Bitstream Vera family (or the more complete DejaVu family... which we should consider adding to the groff distribution).

      printafm font-roman.pfa >font-roman.afm
      afmtodit font-roman.afm my-textmap XR
      name XB
      internalname Xfont-Bold
      #! /usr/bin/awk -f
      # Usage: grep FontName? *.pfa | awk -f mkdownload.awk >download
      BEGIN {
              OFS = '\t';
              print "# downloadable fonts";
              print "#";
              print "# PostScript? name", "File name";
              print "#";
              sub( /:\/FontName/, "", $1 );
              sub( /\//, "", $2 );
              print $2, $1;

See also: AddingFonts

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