.ta 2.7cR
    .tc .
    Text [TAB]

and it gets printed as:

   Text ......... (up to 2.7c)

I'd like to have a en-space inserted between each dot, so it gets optically more light-weight:

   Text . . . . . . (up to 2.7c)

One solution is to create your a character as a composite using the .char request. For instance, in the code above,

   .char \[sp.] \h'1n'.
   .ta 2.7cR
   .tc \[sp.]
   Text [TAB]

Which would result in each "." being preceded by a 1-en space (though not followed by one, so you might need to fill in at the right somehow).

Or you could try somethng more complicated:

   .char \[sp.sp] \h'0.5n'.\h'0.5n'
   .ta 2.7cR
   .tc \[sp.sp]
   Text [TAB]

Which would both precede and follow "." with a 1/2-en space.

Try both of these (and other variants) with


to see how you like them!

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