CAN-Bus-Tester CBT 2

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CAN-Bus-Tester CBT 2

The CAN-Bus Tester CBT 2 can be used for protocol analyses and for identifying problems at the physical bus level. The tester shows, in particular, the signal-to-noise ratio for evaluating the signal quality. The CAN-Bus-Tester 2 comes with a handy and robust aluminium casing, which is connected to a PC by the USB interface.


  • commissioning of CAN bus plants, Wiring test, module check
  • service/maintenance of CAN bus plants
  • troubleshooting and analysis of the physical bus characteristics
  • development of CAN modules
  • final testing in the production


The CAN-Bus Tester permits a efficient start-up and a stable operation of CAN-Bus systems. Besides the protocol analyses you can identify problems on the physical bus level by measuring the disturbance-free voltage at run time.

A low disturbance-free voltage range is caused by bus problems at the physical level. A low disturbance-free voltage range indicates an insufficient resistance of your bus to EMC influences, for example.

A high disturbance-free voltage range, in contrast, represents an interferenceresistant system which saves you substantial costs and trouble caused by system failures.

The outstanding user-friendly system enables you to select different test modes for analyzing your bus with regard to a variety of characteristics, such as:

  • overview of the disturbance-free voltage range of all telegrams
  • more detailed analysis of a selectable telegram
  • built in oszillocope function
  • logger function for long-time analyses
  • several trigger conditions for identifying faults and errors
  • extended display of the IDs is available for DeviceNet or CANopen networks
  • Wiring test. Determine line short-circuits, line breaks, the bus termination, the loop resistances of the CAN line and the CAN power supply line, and the overall line length.
  • simple CAN monitor integrated


The following screen shoot shows the measurement of a CAN node affected by a cyclic disturbance caused by an external EMI signal.

Technical Data


ISO 11898-2 (High-Speed) 11 und 29 bit identifier (CAN2.0A und 2.0B)

CAN bit rates according to CAN type


10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1000 kBit/s

5, 33,5, 62,5, 75, 83,3 kBit/s

bit rate detection

by ID scan

ID identification

durch ID-Scan

list of measurement

sort by type, place, time

signal-to-noise ratio

typ.- 0,75 ... 3,0 V,


resolution 50 mV

online trigger

resolution (10ms - 1min)

real time inspection for logical and physic. errors

bus monitoring

permanently with regard to statically recessive or dominant, respectively, or bus running

bus workload


permanent display of

percentage value

firmware und FPGA-configuration

update by USB

Trigger output 

for oscilloscope


galvanically separated

connection to CAN bus


bus connection


2x 9 pin SUB-D connector

connector with 1:1 connection

PC connection

USB V1.1, galvanically seperated


via USB

supply voltage

extra-low-voltage socket according to DIN 45323

supply voltage

9 ... 36V DC

power consumption

0,55 ... 0.15A

size (l x w x h)

170 x 125 x 40mm




aluminium box



EN 60950-1/ IP 20

according to EN 60529


EN61000-3-2, EN55022

interference resistance

EN 61000-6-2

temperature range

Betrieb: 5°C ... 40°C

Lagerung: -20°C ... 60°C

Scope of Delivery

  • CAN-Bus Tester
  • CAN adapter cable SUB-D
  • cable Open Style
  • cable M12
  • USB cable, 3 m BNC-cable (1,5m)
  • adapter circuit board, for easy connection of oscilloscope probes
  • AC/DC adapter with wide-range input
  • power cable, 1.8 m
  • manual, including CD
  • service case


Ordering Information

  • 0800/02 CAN-Bus Tester CBT2

Extension - Modules

  • 0800/93 CAN Monitor
  • 0800/90 CANopen
  • 0800/91 DeviceNet
  • 0800/92 J1939
  • 0800/94 CANopen Protocol Monitor
  • 0800/93 CAN Monitor

When ordering please specify the country where it should be used.


Download datasheet.

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