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CANopen Source Code Library

Beginning with the version 2.0 of the CANopen library of port in 1998, several CAN networks (CAN lines) can be addressed. Thus it is possible to use more than one CAN line in platforms without operating systems (OS) as well as in systems with single-tasking OS or multi-tasking OS with only insufficient resource protection mechanisms. Thus gateways can be created between networks, whereby functionality (Master/Slave) can be different for each line.
We now have a lot of additional software support for different kinds of device profiles or frameworks defined by CiA. Some of these are:

  • CiA-302-2 Network management - flying master applications
  • CiA-304 Framework for safety-relevant communication
  • CiA-305 Layer setting services (LSS) and protocols
  • CiA-306-6 CANopen Network redundancy
  • CiA-401 Profile for I/O devices - Generic I/O modules
  • CiA-402 Device profile for drives and motion control

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